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This animal's trunk is actually its nose and upper lip. And its incisors are its tusks. What animal is this?
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Although Susan Weld was born on a Friday, what stage name did she adopt?
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In 1903, Arizona and New Mexico were nearly bundled together into a superstate that would have been named for what Aztec?
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Now that London uses less coal, its people experience fewer pea-soupers. What is a pea-souper?
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Which temperature is usually considered comfortable, in Fahrenheit?
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While Europe was rolling around in the Dark Ages, the Tang capital at Chang'an was the largest city in the world. Where was it?
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It's used to make computer chips, but add an E and you have R2SiO, a polymer with which Pamela Anderson is well acquainted. What is it?
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After prodding from drummer Jerry Allison, who renamed one of his song's for Allison's future wife, Peggy Sue Gerron?
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What name is shared by an Australian state and by a Canadian provincial capital?
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What movie is known as Mr Cat Poop in China, apparently because Jack Nicholson's character's name sounds like the words "cat poop"?
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