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As the ancient Listerine ad campaign warned us, what is halitosis?
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What country shares its name with an ink that is chemically inert, not affected by sunlight and virtually permanent?
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Wood's glass, which blocks most wavelengths of light, was originally used to encode messages. What kind of light does it let through?
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What reference work, still famous for its illustrations by Dr HV Carter, got terrible reviews in the British Medical Journal when it came out in 1858?
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What metal element is the only liquid you can handle without getting wet (not that you would want to be touching it)?
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Alfred J Gross invented this for doctors, who didn't like it, although the last people to use it were hospital doctors. Mind you, the tech behind it also powers garage openers. What is it?
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Strictly speaking, what does a barometer measure?
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The pterosaurs, often called pterodactys, weren't dinosaurs, largely for what reason?
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Heartburn has nothing to do with the heart, but actually involves gastric acid chucked up into what part of the body?
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How is carbon-14 put to use?
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