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What name is shared, more or less, by a brand of footwear associated with basset hounds and by cornbread balls served in the US South?
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Elias Howe successfully sued Isaac Singer for violating his patent on what invention?
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Diaspora is the scattering of people from this present-day country. Aliyah is their return to it. What country?
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What ten-letter African country has four syllables, each of which is also a proper English word?
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After the first two cracked, the third version of this was created in 1753, by the firm of Pass and Stowe in Philadelphia. It's cracked now, too. What is it?
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Who has wanted to make a movie about the abolitionist John Brown, considered rebooting Bret Easton Ellis's Less Than Zero, wanted to make Casino Royale with Pierce Brosnan as Bond in the 60s, thought about making a third part in his famous series and wanted to bring together two brothers who had appeared in different movies for a prequel?
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What would you use a lathe for?
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He figured out gravity and the three laws of motion, but apparently never figured out how to get a woman into bed. Who?
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Brian Wilson wrote "Don't Worry Baby" for the Ronettes, but decided to record it himself, with what band?
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Despite having lost Texas, Neuvo Mexico and Alta California to the US, along with a good chunk of Neuva Vizcaya, what country still has 31 states, as of 2011?
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