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2014 marked the release of a drug with a 90-95% success rate against which liver disease?
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When he said, "I am not a crook," who was talking about a personal finance scandal, not about Watergate?
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In the 790's, "fiery dragons" apparently combined with "whirlwinds and lightning storms" to produce a wave of crop failures that led to the first raids by what seafaring people?
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Where did George Washington's troops spend the Christmas of 1777?
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Who was Franklin D. Roosevelt?
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What famous slogan first appeared on World War I recruiting posters?
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What Italian fascist did not, in fact, make the trains run on time?
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Cleopatra was a leader of which ancient empire?
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Which of the following foods did not grow well in Ancient Greece?
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Which of these countries did the Vikings not originate from?
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