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Strictly speaking, what food is bee vomit, since nectar is converted in the insect's oesophagus and then upchucked?
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Where is the Parthenon, built around 450 B.C.?
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What do the Robinson's build to live in, in the "Swiss Family Robinson"?
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As the story goes, in the first century BCE, what kind of surgery was Aulus Cornelius Celsus inspired to invent, after watching a goat cut its eye on a thorn?
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Who sang the famous song "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" (1978) ?
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Three of these countries are part of Europe - which one is not?
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What popular toys in the 80's were known as "Robots in Disguise"?
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In "Star Wars", what was the official name of planet-wide city Coruscant during the Galactic Empire?
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What is the name of Jordan's capital city?
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One of the oldest orders is what country's Order of the Dannebrog, established in 1219 and revived in 1671?
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