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Defined one way, they're high school dances, especially in the 1950s. Defined another way, they're a key ingredient in beer. What are they?
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I'm a horror writer from Maine who wrote "It", "Under the Dome", and "The Dark Tower". Who am I?
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Who sang the famous song "Take It Easy" (1972) ?
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What Macedonian imperialist was known as "the Great"?
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Which word is spelled wrong?
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Served in Westernized Chinese restaurants, egg foo young is also called fu yung daan, and it most resembles what dish?
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Where are the native whites called kamaaina and newcomers of all races called malihini?
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What does "subcutaneous" mean?
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Genghis Khan led which people in the 13th century?
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In what decade did Martin Luther King Jr. deliver his famous "I Have a Dream" speech?