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Which 'World War Two' commander had the nickname 'Desert Fox'?
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Paul Gauguin painted it, Hermann Melville and Robert Louis Stevenson lived there, James Michener was stationed there, and Marlon Brando owned Tetiaroa there. Where?
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What company did Steve Kaufer launch in 2000, operating it in an attic office above a pizza shop in Newtown, Massachusetts ? which he could've reviewed?
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Who sang the famous song ”Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” (1956)?
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In which country is the capital city of Managua located?
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In which period of conflict was the 1808 'Battle of Vimiero' fought?
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Sinead Cusack married which British actor?
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On March 27, 1979, Eric Clapton married the ex-wife of which Beatle?
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In what baseball movie did Robert Redford use a bat called Wonderboy, which he made from an oak struck by lightning?
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Who sang the song, "All of Me"?