General Knowledge Quiz
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Marcus Tullius Cicero is considered to be a influential figure in the refinement of which ancient language?
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Often served with mustard, what snack was traditionally given to reward children for saying their prayers, as it looks vaguely like hands in prayer, and its holes are said to represent the trinity?
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While Blair Underwood was on LA Law playing Jonathan Rollins, the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, he met the actual president, who was in fact the first black person in that job. Who?
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In the 1600s, who established fur trading posts on the Hudson River in what became New York?
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Which of the following is a term for residents of Scotland?
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What is an aggressive shot hit with speed in table tennis, often in response to a high bouncing return?
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The katana is a type of sword developed in which country?
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In what city can you visit the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the historic neighborhood of Georgetown?
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What is the greatest common denominator (GCD) for 39 and 150?
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In what European country's south western parts is the city of Cornwall?