HARD History Quiz
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Julius Caesar was assassinated on 15 March 44 BC; by what name is this day also known?
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What is Jared Kushner's relationship to Donald Trump?
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What South American country took its name from the Incan word for "cold winter"?
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What did Abraham Lincoln call his greatest and most enduring contribution to the history of the American Civil War?
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What is the name of Egypt's former president, who resigned in February 2011 after weeks of violent demonstrations?
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When the Titanic sank, which ship picked up the first survivors?
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What company announced that it will open stores across mainland China beginning on January 2014?
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What city was built above the ancient site of Byzantium in the 320s AD, and has been the imperial capital of both the Roman and the Ottoman empires?
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Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in which year?
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Margaret Sanger is famous for opening the first of what type of clinic in 1916?