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Can you beat the score of this nurse?

Question 1
Which food might you contract salmonella from?
Question 2
Dehydration is the medical term for a lack of what?
Question 3
The removal of a limb or body appendage is called what?
Question 4
What colour might your skin turn if you have jaundice?
Question 5
Which of these words can have its letters rearranged to spell a medical condition?
Question 6
What is the most popular exercise for U.S. men over the age of 18?
Question 7
How did the term "Plastic Surgery" originate?
Question 8
What is it called if a patient's heart stops beating?
Question 9
When was the eating disorder 'bulimia nervosa' first medically defined?
Question 10
Pain in or around the tooth is called what?
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