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Everybody likes music, but how much do you know about it?

Question 1
In what year did Apple introduce the iTunes Music Store?
Question 2
Which artist released the 2019 pop song "Senorita"?
Question 3
"Watermelon Man" is a Jazz classic by which artist?
Question 4
Which of these rappers does Drake have an ongoing feud with?
Question 5
The song "Toosie Slide" was released by what pop artist in 2020?
Question 6
Who is not apart of the Ruff Ryders Camp?
Question 7
Who won the best solo pop artist for the 2019 Grammys?
Question 8
The 2020 Ellie Goulding song "Worry About Me" features which artist?
Question 9
Drake's mixtape release "Dark Lane Demo Tapes" does not feature which of these singles?
Question 10
What was the original name of the Chemical Brothers?
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