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General knowledge quiz

Question 1
Which of these explorers was imprisoned a few years after his travels?
Question 2
What is 6% in decimal form?
Question 3
Which of these countries was not a combatant during World War II?
Question 4
The Caranqui Civilisation thrived in which nation?
Question 5
In what African country are Fès, Tangier and Rabat popular tourist destinations?
Question 6
What is 1,548,965 rounded to the nearest 10,000?
Question 7
What is the state capital of Indiana?
Question 8
Who sang the famous song "Bye Bye Blues" in 1930?
Question 9
If a circle's circumference is 6.28cm, what is its approximate diameter?
Question 10
UN peacekeeper troops wear which colour of berets?
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