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Do you remember the 50s?

Question 1
Which famous house did Elvis buy at the age of 22?
Question 2
Who sung the 1959 ballad Sea Of Love?
Question 3
What was Buddy Holly's real first name?
Question 4
Which future James Bond appeared on 1950s TV as Beau Maverick?
Question 5
How many matches in total were played at the 1954 FIFA World Cup?
Question 6
Complete the name of Dean Martin's 1959 song 'I wish you _____'.
Question 7
What did Marilyn Monroe cite for divorce grounds from Joe Di Maggio?
Question 8
The first World Cup post the Second World War was held in 1950 in which country?
Question 9
Golfer Gary Player represented which country?
Question 10
Ahead of the 1950 FIFA World Cup, the Maracana stadium was opened in which city?
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