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Movies Quiz

Question 1
What is not one of RoboCop's prime directives in RoboCop?
Question 2
Who starred in the film The Wild Bunch?
Question 3
Who produced the anthology horror TV show 'Tales from the Darkside'?
Question 4
What is Bobs occupation in the film Lost in Translation?
Question 5
Which 1990 film saw Julia Roberts as the happy hooker Vivian Ward?
Question 6
What are the half human half bat looking creatures called in the movie Daybreakers?
Question 7
Which of these actresses played a role in Batman Begins?
Question 8
What is the name of the Gladiator slave trader in the movie Gladiator?
Question 9
The fictional setting of Banrika features in which film?
Question 10
In which US city was the 2006 Oscar winner Crash set?
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