We dare you to try this impossible general knowledge quiz
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Who ya gonna call? A lawyer! What movie was sued by the Caspar the Friendly Ghost people and got theme-song writer Ray Parker Jr sued by Huey Lewis and the News?
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What card game did Microsoft include with Windows, in part as a way to familiarize users with drag and drop interfaces, which was then a brand new thing?
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What central part of an atom occupies a mere one quadrillionth its volume of an atom and just 0.1 percent of its mass?
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A silverback is a male of which animal species?
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Although only a world capital since 1871, what city has been called the Eternal City for centuries?
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The adage, "A night with Venus and a lifetime with mercury" refers to what disease?
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What company was hit badly by hackers, twice, in December 2014, once when they tried to stop the release of The Interview and once when they took down the PlayStation network?
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Fast Eddie Parker inspired "The Hustler," a movie about what activity?
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The name of what duck is also the name of the duck's color?
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What country's highest point, Mount Cook, is also called Aorangi, meaning "cloud-piercer" in Maori?