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What disgusting brand of yeast extract came to international attention when Men at Work mentioned it in one of their songs?
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Garam masala is an intense blend of spices that would most likely be used in which of these hypothetical restaurants?
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What is marsala?
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This general was a hero of the Taiping Rebellion in the 1800s. And it appears that a sweet-and-spicy, deep-fried chicken dish is named for him. Who was he?
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What chemical reaction provides much of the flavor and color when toasting bread, browning meat, malting barley and roasting coffee?
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What book, subtitled "5 Star Meals at a 1 Star Price," features fusions such as ghettalian (ghetto + Italian) and Blasian (black + Asian)?
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What baby food company had a flop in 1974, when it tried to get lonely single people to buy mushy grown-up meals sold in baby food jars?
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To feed Catholics avoiding meat on Fridays, Ray Kroc created McDonald's ill-fated Hula Burger. What did it have instead of meat?
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What fast food chain used Dennis the Menace as a mascot ffrom 1971 to 2001, before deciding kids no longer knew who he was?
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When trying to translate the sound of its brand using Chinese words, one of the options came out, "Bite the wax tadpole." It ended up going with "happiness in the mouth." What is it?

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